"Is this where I want to be or should I change direction?" (How to Stay Stuck in the Wrong Career, Harvard Business Review) is one of the most pressing questions in the mid-career professional’s mind today.

Coaching is a safe & confidential space where clients can stop, think, explore & clarify their unique values & goals, design career strategies and commit to action. It is a structured, energy-building, action-oriented process that leads to heightened self- awareness, a likely change in attitude, behaviour and performance and to a clear sense of direction.

Using a self-designed system, drawing on numerous NLP, positive psychology, CBT, career and coaching techniques, Clíona helps you to discover your own unique narrative and to become aware of the story you tell about "why you do what you do and how you got there" and to explore “where to” from here.

During one-to-one coaching your career priorities are defined and your unique set of values, interests, skills and purpose are examined. Psychological barriers are discussed and practical next steps drawn up in order to transform your working life. Sessions are suitable for people at any stage of their career and each one is tailored to an individual’s unique needs.


I engaged with Cliona having moved home to Ireland after 12 years of working in London. Through our sessions I was able to refocus on both my short and longer term career aspirations and on the proactive steps I could take to manage my career going forward. Cliona's guidance was invaluable in helping me to define my goals, to actively challenge my career needs and to provide me with tools that I could use to really understand what I now value and want to achieve from my career."

- Executive, Global Investment Bank