Where talent scarcity is one of the biggest issues facing executives today, Coaching is increasingly seen as a central part of developing future leaders, succession planning and fast tracking. A “Learn-it all” and authentic approach to leading versus the traditional “know-it-all” is becoming the new paradigm.

I work with Emerging Leaders both in a private capacity and am also engaged by larger organisations who use the Coaching intervention as an investment in high-performing and talented executives and leaders. This is a key emerging Global trend where Coaching is seen predominantly as a progressive tool and integral to the retention and development of top talent.

Coaching offers individuals the space to stop, think, clarify personal and organisational values and goals, design career strategies and commit to action. It is a structured, rigorous, action-oriented process that leads to heightened self-awareness and a likely change in attitude, behaviour and performance. It is a process not an event.

I use an intuitive, dynamic and empowering approach based on deep personalisation where I seek to understand the goals, values and challenges facing each unique client and situation in order to cultivate genuine personal and therefore organisational change. Emotional intelligence (EI) continues to be the foundation of effective leadership (Daniel Goleman: Emotional Intelligence). This concept is an integral theme within the work I do with Emerging Leaders both in my own ability to identify appropriate goals & challenges for the coachee aligned to their own value system, and in developing an awareness of the importance of this concept both personally & professionally for the client.


Having first been impressed with Cliona’s expertise as a student receiving career guidance whilst at University, I have repeatedly come back to her at critical junctures throughout my career. Her input has been invaluable.

Clíona has helped me enormously as I've transitioned from one stage to another - as a consultant, data scientist and now Senior Director. She has a depth of expertise and unique ability to help people to discover their passion in order to reach their potential. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a Coach to anyone.”

- senior director, global tech